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Whether you have a unique idea or should you want to add your personality to an old favourite, we can turn your daydreams into reality.

Some of our popular kitchen designs include:

Modern – These kitchens are sleek and sophisticated, designed in such a way that clutter is a thing of the past. With reflective surfaces and modern materials, these kitchens are a popular choice. Instead of the usual kitchen trimmings, these designs are special because they make use of the right materials to create that luxury look.

Contemporary – Bringing function and that traditional family feel to the table, so to speak, these designs are a mix of old and new. Cooking has become a sort of social occasion and with this type of kitchen, you’ll have all the room you could possibly want when hosting.

Industrial – This is one of those designs that will always be in style. The industrial look is very trendy at the moment and is usually a design mixture of concrete, wood, metal and other materials to create the ultimate sleek look.

Country – Warm, cosy and open, the country kitchen has that special farmhouse feel. The look strives to be “lived-in” and the feel will always be comfortable.

Scandinavian – Softwood tones, light colours and beautiful lighting characterise the Scandinavian design. These kitchens are inviting but also fully functional.

Built-in-cupboards are a superb way to save space without compromising on the style of the room in which you will be placing the cupboards. They are available in all kinds of designs, different types of wood (or other material of your choice), sizes and colours. These cupboards are a must for any home.

Whether it is the wear and tear that you can expect in any bathroom, or perhaps you are just looking for something new, we can design a unique bathroom vanity that perfectly suits your design ideas.

Designed to accommodate all of your entertainment, such as television sets, audio systems and game consoles, you can have your very own custom unit made to fit into your home perfectly. These units are made from the best quality woods and we can stain or paint the unit in your preferred colour. 

No study is quite complete without an elaborate bookcase and a sturdy table. Allow us to turn your study into the kind of space you’ll want to spend your time in. We work with the best wood and we can create fully customised furniture for you. 

A stylishly designed bar is bound to become the place to socialise over the weekends. Bars need to have the right combination of seating space and storage space for all of your favourite beverages, glasses and anything else you need to keep close at hand when serving up your favourite drinks. 

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